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Screen printing is the ideal and most cost-effective choice for designing and producing large multi-colored decorations or logos. You can get as creative as you want with your design because at Absolute Uniforms, we can produce any design you come up with. Any challenge you give us we will be sure to meet.

We offer various types of apparel from hats to hoodies, along with many more items to print on. If you do not see what you are looking for on our website, just give us a call and we will work hard to get you exactly what you need. Because screen printing is great for large multi-colored logos; producing apparel designs for companies, sports, and university logos is an Absolute Uniforms specialty.



At Absolute Uniforms we suggest the use of Embroidery production to achieve the most timeless and classic look when it comes to the products wanted. Garments and other products are given a high-quality appearance that is truly long lasting when done with embroidery. There are many things that our clients can do with embroidery so be sure to let your imagination run wild with your design. The use of embroidery will give your company, school, or organization an overall upscale and professional look.

There are many uses for embroidery production onto garments. While many clients use embroidery to produce their designs on the left or right chest area of a shirt, we can also do accenting on the sleeves or collars of garments. Bring Absolute Uniforms your custom design and we will create your embroidered design on any type of product you want. We have a wide variety of products that clients can place their designs on within our extensive website. We suggest clients look through our offerings or give us a call to discuss exactly what you are looking for.



Dye Sublimation is used to print on polyester and other synthetic fabrics because these materials yield the best results. The reason it works best on these materials is because dye sublimation slightly melts the polyester fabric which allows the design to fuse well with the fabric creating a well-rounded design. This process is what makes dye sublimation finished products so durable and colorfast. The images will not peel or fade when this process is used.

Bright colorful designs are great to use with dye sublimation because they will not lose their vibrancy with repeat washes. Large designs are another great use of dye sublimation because an image can be printed on the entirety of a fabric with no difficulty in printing all the way to the edges of the fabric. While the printing speed tends to be low it is worth it for the crisp and vibrant look that it gives the finished product. Dye sublimation is the creative engine that drives creative ideas into apparel.

Absolute Uniforms uses the dye sublimation process on a lot of sports jerseys. This process is widely used for sports because it can create an equal vibrancy of sponsorship designs all over the entire jacket. When sports teams and players have sponsorships, they want to be confident that their apparel will portray them in eye-catching yet high quality format. This is what dye sublimation does best by transferring bright colored logos and designs to any portion of a fabric. On top of the vibrancy of the designs all players and teams can be assured that the logos will not fade or crack over the time that the garment is used.



We offer a wide-ranging choice of Customizing Options from logo embroidery to beautifully detailed fabric trims. With a virtually endless combination of services, we can help design garments to get the exact look you desire.

All customizing is quoted based on your specific needs. We offer low minimum order requirements. If you are interested in learning more on the options available for any specific garment, please feel free to contact us.


Some of our more popular customizing options: 


  • Logo embroidery
  • Change button styles
  • Hem to short sleeves
  • Change collar
  • Change cuffs
  • Change lapels
  • Piping
  • Screen printing 
  • Epaulets
  • Stripes
  • Name embroidery
  • Add pockets
  • Pocket flaps
  • Reflective trim
  • Remove shirt tails
  • Embossing


Transform your program image with a unique finishing touch.


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